Tuna Catamarans

Tuna, which founded in 2005, is the first company to make the serial productions of power catamarans in Turkey. With our experienced management and production staff, we produce first-class luxury power catamarans that will meet all the needs of sea lovers.
Our catamaran type boats, which we design and produce with the principle of safety first in the seas; It offers safe and comfortable sea pleasure with it’s balance and large internal volumes.
As a result of the perfect combination of aerodynamic superstructure and hydrodynamic hull design, it provides the ability to travel safely and comfortably in heavy seas.


SAFE NAVIGATION AND SECURITY: Our catamarans; Thanks to its robust twin hull structure produced with first-class workmanship and material quality, it is extremely safe during long-distance sea voyages and on the open seas.
The twin hull design means each hull floats independently. If one hull takes on water due to damage, the other hull still maintains balance and keeps the boat afloat. This makes the boat safer.

BALANCE AND COMFORT: The wide twin hull disperses and absorbs the direct impact of waves and movements on the boat. It has less tendency to bounce, especially in rough weather, and therefore offers a more comfortable maritime experience.

HIGH SPEED AND PERFORMANCE: Twin hull structure provides less friction and better hydrodynamic performance. This allows our catamarans to have the potential to cruise at higher speeds. In addition, it has better maneuverability and stronger thrust power, thanks to the dual engines in each hull.
The fact that the engines operate independently of each other and are far apart allows them to make full rotation in place and eliminates the need for a bow thruster.

LARGE VOLUME: Our catamarans have a wide hull spacing, allowing for larger interior spaces. There is usually more space in areas such as cabins, living areas, storage areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and decks. This provides more comfortable living spaces.

FUEL EFFICIENCY: Catamaran boat provides a smoother ride, better stability and much less friction. Thanks to the air entering between the two hulls, the friction of the boat is reduced to a minimum and it provides significantly better fuel economy.

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A catamaran is much better than a monohull in many ways.
Catamarans are safer, more efficient and more comfortable.
Thanks to the air entering between the two hulls, the friction of the boat is minimized and it provides 25% fuel economy compared to monohulls.

If you have a monohull boat; You are exposed to bouncing and swinging. Monohull manufacturers use deep-V designs to try to reduce these disadvantages. As a result, you will experience more rocking and rolling when you stop your boat.
Catamarans provide a more balanced, stable, smooth and comfortable ride in all weather conditions.

Another important feature of the catamaran that can contribute to its safety is it’s speed. It allows you to easily escape from rough weather conditions. If everything remains the same, including the length, a catamaran is about 30% faster than a monohull.

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